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Peptide Lyophilized Powder Set Facial Care Soothing Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle

Anti Aging Whitening Face Serum Essence.

This product can be used with injection pens or directly applied to the face,

depending on personal needs. Care for damaged skin, repair skin active factors, promote collagen synthesis,

promote epidermal regeneration, enhance repair power, repair skin. Soothing and repairing,

penetrating the stratum corneum to protect the balance of molecules and promote metabolism.

Remodel and activate collagen formation, inhibit skin damage and aging,

and promote epidermal regeneration.


STEP1: Take out the lyophilized powder, lysing enzyme water,

find the arrow mark on the bottle cap, and unplug the bottle cap in the direction of the arrow

STEP2: Turn clockwise to pull open the cap, open the rubber stopper,

and pour the lysozyme into the freeze-dried powder bottle.

STEP3: Cover the rubber head and shake it gently, remove the cap and swipe the rubber head,

smear the skin and pat for absorption.


Blue copper peptide, oligopeptide, mannitol. Water, propylene glycol, glycerin,

glyceryl glucoside, phenoxyethanol, glyceryl caprylate, caprylic hydroxamic acid,

allantoin, paraben, disodium EDTA, flavor, tripeptide-1 copper,

nicotinamide, safranine Flower extract.

Plantfinn Blue Copper Peptide Powder Set

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